CellDe Warehouse Manager

Enhancing your Inventory Management Experience

A secured web app with warehouse inventory inspection, device reset inspection, and device receive options facilitating agile inventory segregation through boxing methodology.

An ultra-productive cloud based warehouse management solution for device lifecycle management businesses. Fully customisable off the shelf solution with support for receipt, inspection, sorting and disposal of mobile devices. Fully integrated with automated diagnostics solutions and supports bulk inspections of mobile devices for ultra-productive low cost warehouse operations. Supports all major barcode scanners and label printers.

Highlights of CellDe warehouse manager

  • Ultra productive cloud based solution
  • Customizable workflow and branding
  • Supports automated diagnostics apps
  • Supports apis of all major shipping providers.
  • Supports inspections of mobile devices in bulk.
  • All major barcode scanners and label printers supports.
  • Customizable labels.

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