Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager is a one-stop solution to securely receive, inspect and securely erase devices in bulk. With state of the art features to efficiently manage warehouse inventory and provide real time reporting, this white-labeled application can be hosted either on your physical servers or cloud. It enables secure inventory management and can run as an independent application or can be integrated with retail, online or B2B buyback platform.

Built from over 10 years’ of experience by buyback domain experts, the warehouse manager quickly achieves its key objectives including:

  • Receive traded in devices by tracking the order id, IMEI & box-id
  • Conduct a quick & thorough bulk inspection & erase of received devices
  • Analyse & export inventory received from the front end (stores/online/b2b)
  • Integrate with buyback applications, POS, shipping partners & other third-party applications as required.

Other highlights of CellDe Warehouse Manager:

  • Fully-customizable features
  • List of devices can be viewed via an order ID
  • Displays mCheck diagnostic app report via order ID
  • Displays mCheck diagnostic app report via order ID
  • Helps running manual device performance tests
  • Prints a unique label for each tested device

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