About Us

CellDe is a leading provider of device lifecycle management solutions for pre-owned device trade-in and buyback. Seeing opportunity in rapidly growing market for used mobile phones, CellDe was brought alive by Ankur Thakur (CEO / Managing Director) to develop a complete, end-to-end software solution helping businesses operate more effectively and deliver great experience from interaction to transaction.

Since its inception, CellDe has been on a mission to build the much-needed link between mobile device users, refurbishers, resellers and recyclers through its bespoke suite of products. Each product is available as a standalone product or packaged with the rest to ensure a single ring of consisted services are available to the end customer across all channels. Our solutions are known to minimize variance, eliminate human error and reduce inspection time while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate the ever-changing demands of operations.

A company that started as a team of three, developing and deploying software solutions, has now grown into a global workforce, spanning multiple countries and united in the pursuit of software excellence. CellDe's senior leadership team draws on decades of experience across industries to chart a course for the future and steer the company toward its strategic goals.

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