About Us

Veridic Technologies is a leading organization serving and providing the Pre-owned Mobile Device Trade-in and Buyback industry with software solutions through its bespoke brand of CellDe products. Veridic Technologies’ impressive record of successful long-term global client relationships, domain expertise and continued quest for excellence ensures repeated delivery of game-changing solutions for each and every client.

CellDe's Trade-in and Buyback solutions have helped numerous organisations - including Fortune 500 companies - address and rectify the diverse operational and growth challenges faced on a daily basis. The constant battle to minimise variance, eliminate human error and reduce inspection time – as well as maintaining the flexibility to accommodate the ever-changing demands of Operations - can all successfully be addressed using CellDe's Trade-in and Buyback solutions.

Brief History

The CellDe brand is a product range designed and developed by Veridic Technologies.

Veridic Technologies’ Managing Director, Ankur Thakur, founded the company in 2010 with an original team of three, developing and deploying software solutions for the Pre-owned Mobile Device Trade-in and Buyback industry.

Veridic Technologies’ Management and Board Members’ dedication, extensive experience and domain expertise in developing and deploying software solutions has been instrumental in helping the company grow and expand at a swift rate. Today, the company employs in excess of 200 staff across three continents. With its global headquarters based in India, Veridic Technologies now also has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.

One of Veridic Technologies’ initial End-to-end Consultancy and Buyback Solutions clients, Mobile Phone Xchange UK, was subsequently acquired by Brightstar Corporation. Veridic Technologies became Brightstar Corporation’s software development partner, and helped build and launch Buyback businesses for some of the world’s leading companies including Apple, Vodafone, Amazon, Viva Bahrain, Telenor, Telecom Italia, Samsung, EE, Media Markt, El Corte Ingles, Hi3G, T-Mobile, Telcel, O2 and Magyar Telekom among others.

In 2016, Veridic Technologies began providing solutions for Belmont Trading, and this allowed Veridic Technologies to expand their service network into Russia. Presently, Veridic solutions are deployed in over 10,000 stores via Belmont Trading’s clients, which include MVideo, Svyaznoy and Restore.

Since the very beginning and throughout the years, Veridic Technologies has garnered its wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience, to create, develop and perfect the unrivalled, innovative, efficient and scalable software solution that is CellDe.