CellDe Secure Wipe

CellDe Secure Wipe is a simple, hassle-free data erasing solution ideal for Retailers, Repairers, Resellers, Buyback Providers, Refurbishers and Recyclers.

CellDe Secure Wipe uses industry-standard erasure algorithms to securely erase all data from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), eliminating the risk of data theft and misuse. While ordinary data wipe software deletes data from only a few folders, CellDe Secure Wipe safely overwrites all folders several times. This ensures complete data removal with no possibility of data retrieval. Each data wipe is confirmed with a digitally signed certificate.

secure data wipe application running on mac to securely delete mobile phone data

Key Benefits

Safe Processes

Secure Wipe ensures complete data removal that can neither be retrieved nor accessed once erased.

USB Connection

Simple, hassle-free data wiping via USB connection

Bulk Data Wiping

Automated erasure of multiple mobile devices


iOS and Android mobile phone compatible

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