CellDe Call Center Solution

CellDe Call Center Solution is a premium Mobile Device Trade-in and Buyback solution developed by experienced domain experts, specifically for Call Center Trade-in and Buyback Operations. This solution enables Call Center Agents to assist and guide customers smoothly and efficiently through the mobile device Trade-in triage process to completion, ensuring a simple and hassle-free customer experience. Its unique Magic Mirror feature allows Call Center Agents to interact with customers by using its ability to access and view mobile devices at the testing stage, and to offer assistance throughout the Trade-in and Buyback process.

Key Benefits

call center agents using mobile device buyback solution designed by CellDe
  • Provides customer support through real-time access of mobile device
  • Significantly reduces variance between initial quote and final price
  • Increases efficiency by allowing one Call Center Agent to simultaneously manage multiple customers
  • Centralized Database for easy data management
  • Integrates with third-party applications (CRM, ERP, etc)

Additional Benefits

Enhanced Efficiency

Greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of Buyback operations

Quality Control

Allows Call Center Supervisor to monitor Agent activity in real-time


Configurable pricing policies and inspection workflows to suit client requirements


Complete transparency throughout process between Call Center Agent, Customer, and Call Center Manager

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