CellDe B2B Trade-in and Buyback

CellDe B2B Trade-in and Buyback is a user-friendly solution designed and developed by domain experts, experienced in offering end-to-end Buyback solutions to the world’s leading Retail Telecommunications businesses, which simplifies the Buyback process for Corporate Clients.

This solution enables Trade-in providers, OEMs and ITAD businesses to offer Corporate Clients the ability to easily place and manage device bulk orders. Its intuitive interface, transparency and complete audit trail all enhance the Corporate Client Buyback experience.

Key Benefits

  • Enables Corporate Clients to independently place bulk orders remotely
  • Improves productivity and accuracy of Buyback processes
  • Flexibility to scale up operations quickly
  • Enhances Corporate Clients’ experience by simplifying the Buyback process

Additional Benefits

Service Integration

Supports GSMA, Apple GSX, and all major service integrations


Supports customizable operational workflow


Complete transparency throughout process

Third-party Integration

Integrates with third-party applications

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