CellDe Omni Buyback

CellDe Omni Buyback is a state-of-the-art, customizable white-labeled Buyback solution developed by domain experts highly experienced in developing and deploying Buyback and Trade-in solutions. CellDe Omni Buyback supports multiple channels: Retail, Online, Call Center and Corporate (B2B), and ensures increased security and a reduction in stock loss thanks to its device tracking feature.

Key Benefits

mobile devices in cellde's omni buyback diagram
the retail store is showing as one of the channels in the Omni buyback software solution diagram
shipping method is described by showing a truck icon in omni buyback diagram
desktop in omni buyback diagram
the warehouse is showing as one of the channels in the Omni buyback software solution diagram, product by CellDe
  • Device collection from multiple channels
  • Provides objective device test results
  • Improves productivity and accuracy of processes
  • Minimizes test result variances at the Warehouse
  • Encourages repeat business due to enhanced customer Buyback experience
  • Easy management of commissions

Additional Features

CellDe Suite of Products

Fully integrated with CellDe’s suite of products (mCheck 3.0, Warehouse Manager, Trade-in Pro and Secure Wipe).

Third-Party Service Integration

Supports GSMA, Apple GSX, and all major service integrations


Configurable customer pricing, screens and workflows to suit clients’ requirements


Promotes operational transparency and builds customer trust

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