CellDe Warehouse X

CellDe Warehouse X is a desktop, USB-based solution developed by experienced industry experts and designed to help Warehouse Operatives efficiently and accurately perform bulk data diagnostics and erasure (up to 30 devices), significantly reducing the risk of human error.

CellDe Warehouse X is a white-labeled, customizable application, deployed in warehouses to assist businesses in performing bulk triage operations. This application helps improve the accuracy of device grading, inventory management, and overall operational efficiency through its automated diagnostics capability. This results in considerable cost reductions.

CellDe Warehouse X’s data erasure software is ADISA-certified. For each device that is securely wiped, a certificate is issued. The application is part of the CellDe suite of products which can be seamlessly integrated with the CellDe Warehouse Manager solution, as well as all other Warehouse Management Systems.

CellDe Warehouse X offers an intuitive dashboard and a comprehensive set of customizable reports, delivering business intelligence to clients, which supports a better understanding of Warehouse Operations.

CellDe warehouse-x is a bulk device diagnostics and ADISA certified secure data wiping SAAS solution

Key Benefits

  • Reduces device inspection time through Bulk Inspection and Data Erasure capabilities (up to 30 devices)
  • Minimizes the risk of human error during device triage
  • Increases productivity and operational efficiency
  • Reduces manpower and training costs

Additional Features

Make Model Recognition

Captures accurate IMEI and device information


Supports customizable operational workflow

Automatic Diagnostic Testing

Automatic device tests that are interactive and user friendly

Business Intelligence Reports

Generates real-time performance reports

Third-Party Integration

Integrates with third party applications

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