CellDe Retail Trade-in and Buyback

CellDe Retail Trade-in and Buyback is a straightforward, customer-focused solution designed and developed by domain experts, experienced in offering end-to-end Buyback solutions to the world’s leading Retail Telecommunications companies.

This solution provides retailers with a fully customizable, white labeled application, which includes in-store and back office modules. The in-store application incorporates a built-in tool that is able to quickly and accurately identify data (IMEI, Model, etc) and assess the condition of a device. Additionally, an integration with third-party services provides Lost, Stolen, FMiP and Carrier Lock checks.

CellDe Retail Trade-in and Buyback solution uses a unique Magic Mirror technology, designed specifically to ensure a smooth and efficient customer experience, by reducing customer waiting times within the store. It also has the added benefit of minimizing variances and maximizing returns.

Key Benefits

Trade-in pro diagram for retail buyback showing device movement at different stages
  • Enhances customer experience by significantly reducing customer waiting times within the store
  • Provides customers with objective device test results
  • Improves productivity and accuracy of in-store Buyback processes
  • Minimizes test result variances at the Warehouse

Additional Features

Increases Productivity

Simultaneous device testing allows Store Representative to handle multiple customers at any one time


Complete transparency throughout process between Customer and Store Representative


Configurable customer pricing, screens and workflows to suit clients’ requirements

Third-Party Service Integration

Supports GSMA, Apple GSX, and all major service integrations

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