CellDe Online Trade-in and Buyback Solution

CellDe Online Trade-in and Buyback Solution is an innovative and trustworthy online Buyback solution designed to encourage B2C (Business to Consumer) customers to securely and confidently trade-in mobile devices. Developed by domain experts highly experienced in deploying end-to-end online Trade-in solutions for some of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, this solution offers complete pricing transparency prior to trade-in, by allowing customers to test mobile devices on an identical diagnostics application as used by the Warehouse.

Challenges Addressed by CellDe Online Trade-in Buyback Solution

online mobile devices trade-in and buyback solution designed by CellDe for cell phone retailers
  • Increases customer conversion rates through accurate mobile device test results and pricing transparency
  • Notifies and informs customer of Trade-in and Buyback status at each stage of the process
  • Avoids negative social media reviews through accurate mobile device tests results and pricing transparency at the initial stage of the process
  • Minimizes test result variances at the Warehouse
  • Provides objective device test results

Additional Features

Enhanced Efficiency

Greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of online operations


Configurable customer pricing, screens and workflows to suit client requirements

Service Integration

Supports GSMA, Apple GSX, and all major service integrations

Third-Party Integration

Integrates with third-party applications

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