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17th June 2019

CellDe Warehouse X Passes ADISA Certification

CellDe Warehouse X is now ADISA certified

CellDe’s Warehouse X has passed the ADISA’s rigid claim tests and has obtained ADISA (the Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance) certification. The tests were conducted by Professor Andrew Blyth (Director of Research and Technology at ADISA). Andrew is a vulnerability development and computer forensic expert conducting software and computer analysis in secure labs. He is one of the recognized names for commencing computer tests followed by fetching results/reports which can be used as a piece of valid evidence in the court of law. In order to ensure that the solution is able to wipe data beyond advanced recovery, the Warehouse X solution has been inspected on iOS and Android smartphones.

CellDe’s Warehouse X is a state-of-the-art white-labeled application which can be deployable to pre-owned device businesses including- phone repair centers, buyback service providers, refurbishers, recyclers, and ITADs. It simplifies device inspection and data wiping operations for enterprises dealing with a bulk of phone. Warehouse X can connect, diagnose and wipe more than 30 smartphones at one time. It automatically generates business intelligence reports for quick supervision and accurate decision making. To put a seal of trusted data wiping operations, the solution will print a certificate for each phone wiped.

Ankur Thakur, Managing Director at Veridic (Parent Company of CellDe) said- “We feel privileged having ADISA certification for one of our powerful products- Warehouse X. By accrediting certification, ADISA has indeed reinforced our product quality which will let our clients have the trust of being their business in the right hands. This certification has not just helped us meet all the required legal requirements but also will make it easier for our clients to expand their customer satisfaction rate and earn their trust.

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About CellDe

It is one of the most revered technology brands serving the used device industry. The brand name CellDe comes from the stable of Veridic Technologies. The owners of CellDe hold over a decade of domain expertise in developing and deploying Trade-in & Buyback solutions. CellDe offers end to end solutions for used device industry including automated device diagnostics, secure data wipe, buyback solutions & warehouse management offering bulk diagnostics, as well as bulk erase. All these solutions are white labeled applications & customizable to suit your enterprise requirements.