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CellDe is one of the most respected software solution brands serving the Pre-owned Mobile Device Trade-in and Buyback industry. With an impressive record of successful long-term global client relationships, our domain expertise and continued quest for excellence ensures we repeatedly deliver game-changing solutions.

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Our Products

Warehouse-x is one of the products of CellDe performs bulk data wiping and diagnostics of mobile phones

For Bulk Device Diagnostic & Eraser

  • Performs bulk data wiping and diagnostics of up to 30 devices in one go
  • Real-time processes promoting 100% work transparency

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Warehouse manager for simplifying inventory management of second-hand mobile devices

Simplifying Inventory Management

  • A solution that simplifies serial number inventory management.
  • Seamless integrations with Buyback front-end, shipping partners, major accounting and third-party applications.

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Omni buyback device trade-in solution supports multiple channels like retail, online, call center and corporate

One Solution Supporting Multiple Channels

  • A solution that supports multiple channels: Retail, Online, Call Center and Corporate (B2B).
  • Device tracking across all processes ensuring increased security and a reduction in loss of stock.

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Safe and secure data wiping software for cell phones

Safe & Secure Data Wiping

  • Simple, hassle-free data wiping via USB connection.
  • Secure Wipe ensures complete data removal that can neither be retrieved nor accessed once erased.

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Trade-in pro for simplifying retail buyback processes

Redefining Retail Buyback Processes

  • Designed to ensure a smooth and efficient customer experience, simply by reducing customer waiting times within the store.
  • Significantly improves productivity and accuracy of in-store Buyback processes, by offering customized workflows, and close monitoring and tracking of devices.

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mCheck 3.0 for smart device diagnostics

Smart Device Diagnostics

  • A mobile device diagnostic app ideal for retailers, repairers, resellers, buyback providers, refurbishers and recyclers.
  • Available to download for FREE on iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets).

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