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CellDe is one of the most respected software solution brands serving the Pre-owned Mobile Device Trade-in and Buyback industry. With an impressive record of successful long-term global client relationships, our domain expertise and continued quest for excellence ensures we repeatedly deliver game-changing solutions.

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Discover the pinnacle of data erasure standards

ADISA certifies CellDe's Secure Erasure solution for iOS and Androids

Experience the unparalleled excellence of our data erasure solutions, which have undergone rigorous testing, gained approval, and received ADISA certification. CellDe data wipe provides you with robust data protection and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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Our Products

Warehouse-x is one of the products of CellDe performs bulk data wiping and diagnostics of mobile phones

For Bulk Device Diagnostic & Eraser

  • Performs bulk data wiping and diagnostics of up to 30 devices in one go
  • Real-time processes promoting 100% work transparency

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Warehouse manager for simplifying inventory management of second-hand mobile devices

Simplifying Inventory Management

  • A solution that simplifies serial number inventory management.
  • Seamless integrations with Buyback front-end, shipping partners, major accounting and third-party applications.

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Omni buyback device trade-in solution supports multiple channels like retail, online, call center and corporate

One Solution Supporting Multiple Channels

  • A solution that supports multiple channels: Retail, Online, Call Center and Corporate (B2B).
  • Device tracking across all processes ensuring increased security and a reduction in loss of stock.

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Safe and secure data wiping software for cell phones

Safe & Secure Data Wiping

  • Simple, hassle-free data wiping via USB connection.
  • Secure Wipe ensures complete data removal that can neither be retrieved nor accessed once erased.

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Trade-in pro for simplifying retail buyback processes

Redefining Retail Buyback Processes

  • Designed to ensure a smooth and efficient customer experience, simply by reducing customer waiting times within the store.
  • Significantly improves productivity and accuracy of in-store Buyback processes, by offering customized workflows, and close monitoring and tracking of devices.

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mCheck 3.0 for smart device diagnostics

Smart Device Diagnostics

  • A mobile device diagnostic app ideal for retailers, repairers, resellers, buyback providers, refurbishers and recyclers.
  • Available to download for FREE on iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets).

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