Who can use CellDe?


If you are a mobile phone wholesaler and handling a heap of used phones regularly, then using CellDe Omni BuyBack solution can increase your profit margins and reduce human errors. Instead of relying on manual processes you have the choice to automate the mobile device testing, trading process and fastens the procedure of used mobile device lifecycle management.


It can help mobile phone recyclers to diagnose the used mobile phones in bulk and wipe out the data in one go. Resulting, the recyclers can gear up the overall mobile device lifecycle process which results in maximum benefits within minimal time epoch.


CellDe Omni BuyBack solution saves a lot of time usually spent on diagnosing each and every handset. Mobile phone retailers can see accurate mobile testing results just at the blink of an eye and come up with a good estimation value of the device instantly. Get happy and satisfied customers in your list.

Telecom Operators

CellDe Omni BuyBack helps telecom operators to offer swapping deals on a used mobile phone to attract their potential customers. Using this solution, telecom operators can expect to expand their overall service scope, increase the profit margins by selling and buying used phones at genuine prices and look forward to building stronger customer relationships.

Mobile Buyback Providers

It smartly handles and reduces the work operations of the mobile buyback providers. It simplifies activities like- analysing the actual state of a used mobile device, maintaining accurate reports, improving workflows, making internal processes better and faster to improve the overall customer experience in a matter of seconds.

Insurance Companies

Cutting down the possibilities of detecting fraud insurance claims using CellDe Omni BuyBack is quite easier. Insurers can suggest the correct insurance claims to their customers by performing an accurate device verification test. Also, customers can rectify the insurance claim without stepping out of their home either by contacting in-store executives or checking it via our CellDe Omni BuyBack solution. This, in turn, reduces the discrepancies between insurers and customers and improves the customer service standards too.