CellDe Trade-in Pro is an innovative retail buyback/trade-in platform allowing retail operators to enhance customer experience, maximize returns & reduce variance. Trade-in Pro is developed by domain experts with over a decade of experience in developing & deploying buyback/trade-in solutions for top telecom retail giants.

Trade-in Pro utilizes proprietary Magic Mirror technology to achieve operational excellence through integration with retail-focused mobile apps. This platform is built as a customizable white-labeled application with best-in-class features, functionality & proprietary technology to deliver industry-leading performance.

Major business challenges addressed by Omni Buyback Solution
  • Enhance customer experience and massively reduce customer waiting period at the retail store
  • Get objectivity around your device test results
  • Reduce manpower cost by increasing productivity
  • Reduce time spent on inspection, grading, packaging, sorting & routing
  • Minimize variance at the warehouse
Key features
  • Gives the ability to a store representative to handle multiple customers and devices in parallel
  • Massively improves productivity and accuracy of in-store buyback operations
  • Fully configurable pricing policies & inspection workflow
  • Supports customizable workflow & screens to suit client needs
  • Can be integrated with your existing technology, Lost/Stolen/FMiP/Carrier Lock checks, POS, shipping partner & other third party applications
  • Supports GSMA, Apple GSX, and all major service integrations
  • Promotes operational transparency & builds customer trust

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