CellDe Trade-In Pro Solution

To Enrich your Trade-In work process

A robust & next-gen trade-in solution enabling fast buyback processing, providing bi directional real time integration between store machine and diagnostics app on customer’s mobile. Runs on a unique QR code acting as the digital bridge between end-user & in-store manager or between trade-in mobile app and trade-in web app respectively. Allows a single retail store rep to handle multiple customers in parallel enhancing productivity of store reps.

CellDe Trade-In Pro USPs-
  • Allows single store representative to handle multiple customers in parallel.
  • Massively improves productivity and accuracy of in-store buyback operations.
  • Fully configurable pricing policies.
  • Fully configurable inspection workflow.
  • Whitelabel solution with fully customisable workflow and branding.
  • Natively integrated with mobile diagnostics apps
  • Can enable communication with customer’s device from store system.
  • Customer communication via emails and SMS.

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