Secure Wipe

Whether you are a mobile retailer, repairer, reseller, buyback provider, refurbisher, or a recycler, CellDe Secure Wipe is an ideal tool to help you erase data stored in smartphones & tablets.

Secure Wipe uses industry standard erasure algorithms to securely erase all files (images, doc. Files, videos, etc,) from smartphones & tablets to eliminate the chances of data theft and misuse. While ordinary data formatting software deletes data from a few folders, Secure Wipe safely over-writes each section of the device storage several times using leading erasure algorithms thereby ensuring that there is no possibility of data retrieval. Each data erasure instance is certified with a digitally-signed certificate.

Achieve enhanced efficiency, customer satisfaction & compliance from below features

  • Incorporated with cloud-based audit trail ensuring processed phones identification
  • Quick & easy data erasure using automated erasure of more than 10 devices in one go
  • Data removed using Secure Wipe can be neither retrieved or accessed
  • Infused with a smart USB connection feature for hassle-free data wiping
  • Compatible with iOS and Android mobile phones

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Ultra secure wipe using industry standard algorithms like…..

Easy to use intuitive interface

Securely wipe devices in bulk using powered USB hub.

Customisable reports

Certification provided via Apis.

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