CellDe mCheck 2.0

A Next-Gen App to Experience Hassle-Free Device Diagnostic Process

An ultra-quick diagnostics app providing automated device identification and multiple automated tests to accurately access the condition of the device. Exceptionally easy to integrate via cloud with existing repair, buyback, trade in and warehouse solutions. Provides completely customisable look and feel and branding along with configurable list of tests to be performed based on a simple QR code. Allows multiple devices to be inspected in parallel with ability to import the result in bulk. Works for IOS and Android devices. Deployable standalone directly via play store / Apple store and also via USB interface for retail / warehouse solutions.

Why mCheck 2.0?

  • Ultra Quick diagnostics
  • Automated device identification for IOS and Android devices
  • White label solution with fully customizable workflow & branding
  • Provides full device information.
  • Minimise variance.
  • Reduce inspection costs.
  • Simple integration via cloud with existing systems
  • Supports Bulk inspections.
  • Suitable for all solutions including online customer facing site, retail solutions, repair solutions and warehouse operations.

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