CellDe mCheck 2.0

Whether you are a mobile retailer, repairer, reseller, buyback provider, refurbisher, or a recycler, CellDe mCheck 2.0 is an ideal tool to quickly & accurately identify device data (like IMEI, make, model, capacity, etc.) & health test results.

This white label application comes with customizable test types (choose from more than 24 tests), test sequences, branding, theme, etc. as per your requirements. This application is available for both iOS and Android smartphones & tablets and can be deployed by client/us on the App Store.

  • Quick diagnostics
  • Automated device identification for IOS and Android devices
  • White label solution with fully customizable workflow & branding
  • Provides full device information
  • Minimise variance
  • Reduce inspection costs
  • Simple integration with existing systems
  • Supports Bulk inspections
  • Suitable for all solutions including online customer-facing site, retail solutions, repair solutions.

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